Magic New Zealand Mineral!

Zeosoft (a NZ owned business), was born when specific minerals were found in a volcanic region of the central north island. These minerals are known as zeolites and there are many forms of them. What makes ours so special is that it’s young, only around 10,000 years old!

We call this zeolite Soft Zeolite, and as the name suggests it’s much soft than other zeolites, making it perfect to grind into a powder and suspend in 100% natural ingredients to make our range of cleansers like no other.

Soft on Sensitive Skin…

Great For Sensitive Skin – 100% Natural Formulation

The Zeosoft range is made from completely natural ingredients which are combined with the natural Soft Zeolite, which gently cleanses and is perfect for sensitive skin types which may react to harsher cleansers. This safe, effective range of cleansers remove contaminates from your skin, leaving it feeling supple and revived.

Unique Cleansing Properties…

The Soft Zeolite used in Zeosoft has a hollow cage structure. Inside these cages are exposed negative charges allowing it to magnetically pull contaminants away from the skin and trap them inside the Soft Zeolite which is then flushed away with water.

Soft Zeolites have a large surface area where 1 gram = 125 meters, enabling it to remove toxins from the skin and continue to clean when it is flushed into our waterways. Soft Zeolite can also hold up to 70% of its own body weight, adding to the unique cleansing properties of Zeosoft.

Acne Clearing…

Zeosoft Mineral Face Scrub is designed to gently remove contaminates and bacteria that causes acne to form, and nourish and protect your skin to prevent further breakouts to keep you happy and healthy.
“Normally after using a face scrub my skin can feel quite tight, dry and sometimes irritated. However after the first time using this product I was amazed. My skin felt so clean, soft, and was actually noticeably glowing! I have been using this product every second day for the last couple of weeks and am still in love with it each time I use it. My skin has also not broken out in pimples from using this scrub either which is a big positive for me.” – Nicole

Microbead Free…

Microbeads are tiny particles of plastic have been added to personal care products. Wastewater treatment plants are not designed to filter out microbeads and that is the main reason why, ultimately, they contribute to the Plastic Soup swirling around the world’s oceans.

These microbeads are passed along the marine food chain. Since humans are ultimately at the top of this food chain, it is likely that we are also absorbing microbeads from the food we eat.

Zeosoft does not or will not ever use Microbeads, instead, we use the naturally formed mineral Soft Zeolite, which has extremely good cleansing qualities previously outlined. In fact, when the Soft Zeolite enters a waterway it keeps cleaning, actually improving the environment rather than damaging it!